Tips for A Worry Free Claims Experience

You can have a worry free claims experience without stressing over placing a claim with your insurance company. If you follow some basic tips, you can have a worry free experience and be able to provide all of the information that the insurance company needs. This will allow the claim to be processed quickly so you get the money needed to make repairs or replacements.

It’s important that you know what kind of claim needs to be made. There are different types of insurance and if something happens to your car at your home, it can be difficult to determine whether you should be calling your home owners or your auto insurance company.

Have your policies nearby so you can see what is covered. It will be a stress-free, worry free time when you call the correct insurance company the first time around. By having their verbiage nearby,  you can also ensure that what you are calling about is indeed covered within your policy.

Before you place the call, have everything that you may need in front of you. This should include your policy number, the details about the incident, any reports from the police or other professionals who can vouch for what happened, as well as photos. The photos may be required for you to complete the claim submission and these can usually be emailed to an email address that is given to you over the phone.

Ask questions about the claims process, so you know how long it is going to take. During the process, ask for a copy of the claim report and review it to ensure that no errors have been made. If you find an error, call your insurance company back immediately to have it fixed and request another copy for your records.

While you wait for the insurance company to review the claim and process the payment, you can make some temporary repairs if needed, but avoid anything permanent until the insurance company closes your report as complete.